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Leading You Straight to Success

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All the Expertise You Need

You are sure to get full comprehensive assistance with me at COO On Call. Browse the many ways I can take your business to greater heights.

New Business Startup

I talk with new business owners to help them iron out and manage all the necessary details needed to get their companies started. This includes the set-up of the following:

          • Creating Effective Name
          • Branding
          • Entity Set-Up
          • Hiring
          • Location/Lease Negotiation
          • Design of Physical Space
          • Signage
          • Ordering of Office Furniture

  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Accounting/Banking Set-Up
  • Mail and Express Services Set-Up (i.e. Postage Meter, FedEx Account)
  • IT Infrastructure/Phone System
  • Voicemail
  • Software Licenses
  • Email and Fax Solutions 

IT Project Management 

I set goals for both internal and external teams, communicate with and motivate their members and stakeholders. Then, I identify the resources for each task and follow the sequences needed to complete the tasks. Furthermore, I do research, perform needs assessments, and manage change. 

The following services include:

      • Project Planning and Overall Management
      • Promoting and Achieving Project Support
      • Ensuring Overall Capability With Existing Technology
      • Minimizing Duplicate Work
      • Utilizing Team Member Skills
      • Controlling Costs and Maintaining Budgets

Organizational Efficiencies

I review and analyze how the work process of your business flows. From there, I make recommendations and implement changes to increase productivity and decrease duplication, including error and frustration.

Time Management Staff Training/Owner One-on-One

Your team will be shown all the tricks and tools found in Jane Schulte’s book WORK SMART, Not Hard! This will cover over 30 years of business experience and research. I will teach you everything you need to know about producing large amounts of work in short time periods. An eBook is included with this service.

Risk Management

I review insurance policies to ensure all assets are protected, all liabilities are covered, and premiums are at the best rates possible.

Expense Reduction/Cost Savings

I review all expenses and prepare an analysis of how you can save money by outsourcing, removing, or modifying resources.

Accounts Receivable

There is no need to write off those difficult accounts. I handle customers/clients with unsettled accounts using a series of notices served over the course of 90 days.

      • A/R over 30 days aged – Client is contacted via letter
      • A/R over 60 days aged – Collection letter is prepared

    • A/R over a certain dollar amount and aged 90 days with no payment plan in place – Preparation to file a lawsuit


I review accounting best practices and separation of duties. This also serves as an analysis of what should be done in house versus using outsourcing solutions.

Information Technology

I review all hardware and software licenses to ensure compliance and decide between using in house or outsourcing solutions depending on cost efficiency and effectiveness. If needed, I also act as a liaison to new outsourced solution to onboard, acclimate and unite the company with the new solutions.

Website/Social Media – Brand Effectiveness

I scan websites for areas of improvement on how to articulate your company’s message. This includes the reviewing or implementation of social media pages, logo, tagline, etc.

Human Resources and Compliance

I review policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Department of Labor, IRS, and other governmental entity mandates. This is to make certain the following are up to code:

  • Overtime Policies/Tracking
  • ERISA Compliance for 401k Plan

  • Employee Handbook With Signed Acknowledgement

  • Exempt Versus Non-Exempt Employees
  • Independent Contractor Designation

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

RFP/RFQ – Requests for Proposals and Questionnaires 

March 15, 2019

I manage the completion and timely delivery with an internal team according to specific instructions outlined in RFP/RFQ. I track the timeline for award of work and follow up with the prospective client as necessary.

Physical Move Project Management 

March 15, 2019

I manage both internal and external teams scout locations and negotiate leases. This is followed by planning the transfer of information technology, and physical assets through execution and optimal operation in the new space in a timely coordinated fashion.

General Project Management 

March 15, 2019

I manage projects that require project planning and overall management from start to finish. This keeps the team on track with project goals, budgets, timelines, and avoids duplicative and unnecessary work.

Business Entity Preservation 

March 15, 2019

I review entity structure to ensure compliance with proper set-up (bylaws, articles of incorporation/organization, stock certificates, annual minutes, etc.) This allows us to state an annual report on your certificate of good standing and for a local city or county business licensure.

Annual Reviews and Performance Improvement Plans 

March 15, 2019

I provide assistance in reviewing employees’ performance. Depending on each case, we are able to document problem areas, set forth plans for performance improvement, and take disciplinary action if necessary. I also handle termination in instances where employee performance fails to improve.


March 15, 2019

I prepare job descriptions and post online. After which, I review resumes, conduct telephone and in-person interviews, check references, negotiate and onboard.

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